Wilting in Bloom: The Irony of Women's Labour Rights in the Cut-flower Sector in Kenya

Women employees in Kenya’s multi-million shilling cut flower industry have to wait four months to get their monthly pay for maternity leave months. “Wilting in Bloom: The Irony of Women Labour Rights in the Cut-flower Sector in Kenya”  reveals that some employers withhold salaries while the employees are on maternity leave and only pay the dues a whole month after they resume duty. The report established that this subtle discrimination begins to manifest itself through pre-employment pregnancy tests which are part of company practice. Further, some employees are forced to proceed on maternity leave two months before their due date; which in some cases results to women taking less than two months maternity leave after delivery. Twenty percent of the flower companies in the study were found to apply this practice, thus violating women’s rights to time to recover after delivery and care for their newborn child. Requirements by Fairtrade companies recommend 6 weeks compulsory maternity leave post-delivery.
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