About us

Who we are

We are a premier and flagship Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Africa

KHRC works with more than thirty Human Rights Networks (HURINETs) and other grassroots community organisations based in more than thirty counties in Kenya; partners with more than thirty national level state and non-state actors and coalitions; and more than fifty sub-regional, regional, and international human rights organisations and networks.
To many, the KHRC is the Vanguard for Human Rights. As a "domestic transnational organization", we have sustained impactful interventions at the county and national levels as the core of our legitimacy and escalated the same to regional and international levels. Consequently, the Commission has received many awards and accolades, including the Ford Foundation's Champions of Democracy accorded in November 2012.


A society of free people

Our Mission

To root human dignity, freedoms and social justice in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mandate

Enhancing human rights centered governance at all levels
"I can't overemphasize how much the KHRC means to all of us and Kenya at this critical juncture, as it has in the past. It's our job to out-think and out-manoeuvre individuals and institutions that abuse power (whether public or private) to oppress others and cannibalise the values and structures of democracy and human rights."
Prof. Makau Mutua
Former chairperson

Our Core Values

We believe in all people's fundamental rights and liberties. We always strive to do what is right and just for the people, regardless of the consequences
We believe in people's inherent ability to defend their rights. We stand between power and the powerless and serve as a catalyst and facilitator that empowers the people to defend their rights and tames the proclivity of the state to violate rights.
We believe in equitable treatment of all people and providing services and opportunities to all in a manner that targets the many in disadvantaged situations.
We believe we are all born free, with inherent rights and dignity. To that effect, nothing shall limit us from advancing the full enjoyment of people's rights and freedoms and preserving their dignity and human development.
We discharge our duties openly and honestly, take responsibility for all our choices and actions, and demand the same in the governance of societal affairs.

Core strategies


KHRC engages duty bearers at the county, national, regional, and international levels to influence policy and decisions on human rights, social justice and democratic governance. KHRC utilizes various advocacy approaches, including high-level lobbying and negotiation, petitioning, mass action, public interest litigation, multi-stakeholder conferences, and media campaigns.

Research, documentation, and knowledge sharing

KHRC conducts research, policy analysis, and fact-finding missions to generate, organize, publish, and share knowledge and information to inform its work and the work of its partners and peers. This positions KHRC as a learning organization and a thought leader in human rights and governance

Coalition and movement building

KHRC is a convener and a member of several coalitions and movements formed to address specific issues on democratic governance and human rights. KHRC will continue to play an active role in supporting coalitions, movements and solidarity missions that are relevant and valuable to its work.

Civic action

In the spirit of community-led action, KHRC catalyzes and facilitates affected groups and communities to mobilize and organize for a common cause to protect human rights and dignity.

Human rights education

There is limited human rights awareness in the communities we serve. KHRC aims to address this gap through public education and awareness creation about fundamental rights and freedoms.

Legal action

To enhance equitable access to justice, KHRC provides legal assistance, representation, advice and reference to individuals and groups that cannot access justice due to various reasons and situations that disadvantage them

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