Institutional excellence and response

The increasingly challenging political and economic environments demand that human rights and governance organizations put the requisite institutional resources and systems to address internal and external factors in programs and operations. Over the years, KHRC has made tremendous progress in strengthening its institutional capacity. As the organization grows and the operating context changes, more challenges and needs emerge that require interventions to strengthen the institution and enhance its growth and sustainability. As such, KHRC focuses on the following objectives for institutional development issues:
1. To increase and diversify our funding sources.
2. To continuously enhance our management systems, policies, and procedures.
3. To nurture and strengthen our partnerships.
4. To strengthen the leadership and technical capacities of our staff.
5. To develop a safe and conducive work environment.
6. To enhance our public image and profile.
7. To ensure timely and result-based conceptualization, documentation, and dissemination of our interventions and achievements.
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