Damned Dam- Exposing Corporate and State impunity in the Solai tragedy

This report sheds light on the man-made disaster that happened in Solai village highlighting the causes of the tragedy which revolve around allegations of corporate ipunity and the failure of government agencies to take appropriate action to avert the tragedy. The report goes further to propose a number of legal, urgent, administrative, and legislative and policy actions towards addressing all the underlying issues. It is hoped that this report will not only inform the ongoing investigations by the various agencies of the government but will also be a tool for reforming the various government departments charged with regulating management of private and public waters sources. More importantly, it is hoped that the report will propel the government towards quicker restitution for the victims of the tragedy, as well as compel action to be taken on every person found culpable for the senseless loss of lives, property among other possessions and valuables in the Solai tragedy.
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