The report, titled Lest We Forget: The Faces of Impunity in Kenyais based on a the KHRC’s Review of the Official Reports Project that has compiled a list of individuals recommended for further investigation or criminal proceedings in official reports on gross and systemic human rights violations as well as grand corruption. The question many people ask usually is Who Owns Kenya; in this report the big question is WHO OWES KENYA?

This project is meant to address the following gaps in truth and justice seeking:

  • First, the inadequate understanding and appreciation of the level of the truth already existing in the current official and other reports;
  • Second,the inadequate review, harmonization and presentation of the findings of the official and other reports over historical injustices in Kenya;
  • Third,the inadequate analysis and presentation of both the patterns and perpetrators of impunity across the different regimes, reports and categories of injustices in Kenya;
  • Finally are the inadequate interventions to ensure that the cross cutting findings and recommendations are applied to expose, lustrate and hold to account, the purveyors of impunity.

You can find the publication on this website through this link: LEST WE FORGET-The Faces of Impunity in Kenya