2017 poll police killings case

Case against IG, IPOA, NPS, and AG over 2017 election killings | Petition No. of 2023
Case filed: September 12, 2023 Current status: Case Ongoing


  • Kenyan Human Rights Commission (KHRC)
  • Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI)
  • Khelef Khalifa

Respondents/ Appellants

  • Attorney General
  • The independent Policing Oversight Authority
  • The Inspector General
  • The Inspector General of the National Police Servic

Interested Parties

  • The Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Kenya National Commission of Human Rights (KNCHR)
  • Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU)

Status Updates

The court orders applicants to serve respondents.

KHRC, MUHURI, and Khalifa officially file suit against the inspector general (IG) of police, Japhet Koome, the National Police Service (NPS), the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA), and the Attorney-General over the 2017 poll killings.

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