It is therefore very disappointing and discouraging for Kenyans to hear the President make statements that amount to cold-hearted threats if the so called ‘cartels’ would not withraw the court cases involving Mumias Sugar Company. We condemn the utterances which amounts to contravention of the constitutional rights under Article 48 of the Constitution of Kenya and other international treaties. We are concerned that threats to the Indian investors to leave the country are not far from those of the former President of Uganda, Idi Amin, over five decades ago which led to actual eviction of businessmen of Indian decent from Uganda.

These statements would also make Kenyans to believe that the abduction of Rai a few days ago could be connected to the rising cases of forceful, and illegal abductions by the ununiformed police officers. The civil society organisations are deeply concerned that these threats by the Executive will eventually compromise the independence of the Judiciary as well as continue the punitive transfer of judges and magistrates who rule against the interest of government as we have seen in the past. While the President continue to assure Kenyans that the rule of law will prevail, it is becoming obvious that he has no interest in upholding the same.

We, therefore, Urge the President to apologize to Kenyans for making such callous remarks against the business community and to an extent those of Indian decent. Remind the President to fulfil the following as promised in the Kenya Kwanza Manifesto:

  • Establishing a Special Tribunal for Gross Human Rights Violations and Enforced Disappearances
  • Ratifying and domesticating the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances.
  • Ensuring equal protection for all under the law
  • Ending police abuse, especially against urban youth, through enhancing police oversight (IPOA and NPSC) and creating an ombudsman to monitor human rights violations.
  • Ending all forms of extra-judicial executions by security services
  • Restoring the public interest where it has been lost as a result of the executive’s disregard for court orders and the rule of law


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