Mr. Davis Malombe - Deputy Executive Director

Mr. Malombe has served with the KHRC in various capacities most recently as a Programs Officer Research and Advocacy.
He brings to the Commission experience in policy analysis and governance matters and has an unparalleled passion for human rights activism.
He has written widely on IDPs, governance, transitional justice and human rights issues in Kenya. Davis is a member and/or a convener of a number of national and international organizations and networks including: the Internal Displacement and Advocacy Centre (IDPAC); IDPs Protection Working Group in Kenya; African Transitional Justice Network, Non-State Actors Coalition on Land Reforms; and International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) among others.

Ms.Judy Ngugi - Finance & Administration Manager

Ms. Ngugi comes to the Commission from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) where she served as Accounting Manager.
Ms. Ngugi brings to the Commission experience in both public and private sector finance and administration systems and therefore an excellent opportunity for the KHRC to learn from other sectors.
We look forward to a continued collaboration with you and trust that you will welcome their appointments in the warm spirit that you have previously extended to us.