Wajir's County's Auditor General Report 2016/2017 Simplified version

Although the OAG has produced both the county assembly and county executive audit reports annually, there has been minimal citizen utilization to demand for transparency and accountability from the county government of Wajir. Part of the issue is that citizens in the county cannot easily access, read and understand the contents of the audit reports. The reports are mainly accessed on the website of the auditor general which is challenging for those without internet access and for those who do not understand how to access documents online. For those citizens who are able to access the reports, the language used in the reports is very technical making it difficult to understand. Accessing the documents online is also expensive to the common citizens. The reports are also quite lengthy making reading them difficult and time-consuming. To empower citizens in Wajir County to effectively access, read, understand and demand action from their County Government, the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) has developed this simplified version of the Auditor General’s report, for the financial year 2016/2017. The report uses easy to read language and explains technical terms to allow the reader to fully understand the contents. No changes were made to the figures, meaning, conclusions and other relevant content found in the full version of the Auditor General’s report
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