The People vs Kakuzi PLC

Approximately 65 km northeast of Nairobi, in Murang’a county, eleven Kenyan communities, comprising of at least 30,000 members, are fighting for their historical land rights but finding a big agricultural company in their way. The People vs Kakuzi PLC is a story of perseverance and hope against a long historical backdrop of colonialism, violence, poverty, and deprivation. In Murang’a county, Kenyan agricultural company Kakuzi leases an area of almost 16,000 hectares, land that has been acquired from the invasion and colonization of Kenyan territory by European powers onwards. Fertile farmlands were taken from people, many were forcibly displaced from their homes and put to work as slaves on the colonial plantations. Up until today, descendants of the original farming communities are dependent on wage labour on the Kakuzi farms and live under harsh conditions.
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