Offsetting human rights: Sexual abuse and harassment at the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project in Kenya

Systematic sexual abuse, harassment, and exploitation of women by senior male employees of US-headquartered company Wildlife Works has been uncovered at the Kasigau project in Kenya in an investigation by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) and the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC). SOMO and KHRC are publishing a dossier of evidence based on the testimonies of 31 current and former employees and members of the local community. The sexual abuses reported at Wildlife Works’ Kasigau project include physical assault and attempted rape on company premises or land as well as persistent harassment and the use of humiliating sexualised slurs. One employee testified that,“Women are treated as sex objects but nothing happens because [the perpetrators] intimidate everybody.”* Senior men in the company used their positions of power to demand sex in return for promotions and better treatment at work. Refusal of these sexual demands was met with retribution, including being bullied, intimidated, and refused promotions or other work-related benefits.
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