Observation of the 2014 South African National and provincial elections

South Africa held its elections on 7th May 2014 which coincided with the 20th Anniversary of the advent of democracy in the country in 1994. The National and provincial elections are held every five years where South Africans aged 18 and over and who have registered as voters are entitled to vote. The 5th South Africa democratic elections were governed by the Constitution, Electoral Act, 73 of 1998, Electoral Commission Act, 51 of 1996, Public Funding of Represented Political Parties Act, 103 of 1997, Independent Broadcasting Authority Act, 153 of 1993. The Constitution provides for the rights to vote as well as participate as a contestant, and freedom to make political choices, the use of the constitution to ascertain the qualifications of candidates and the assurance of the citizens of a free and fair elections is not then a noble objective in South Africa but a right and must be enforced by all means.
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