Observation of the 2014 Malawi tripartite elections

On 20th May, 2014, Malawian voters turned out in huge numbers to participate in the first ever tripartite elections to elect a president, 193 members of parliament and 462 ward councilors awarding them the responsibility of governing their state affairs for the next five years. Malawi electoral process is governed by the Constitution, the Electoral Commission Act, the Parliamentary & Presidential Act and the Local Government Elections Act. For the past 4 multi-party elections since the end of Hastings Banda one man rule in 1994, Malawians have been electing only the president and the members of parliament in a single election. However this was not the case for the 2014 general elections which saw voters electing the president, members of parliament and councillor concurrently. Such tripartite election was as a result of the amendment of the constitution in 2012 by parliament. In the same year Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) was tasked by parliament to spearhead the harmonization of Electoral Laws to allow for the effective and efficient conduct of tripartite Elections.
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