Nairobi, Nyeri and Meru county human rights monitoring: Reports of the impacts of Covid-19 to the vulnerable groups and general public

State security and the administrative apparatus (chiefs and assistant chiefs) have been at the forefront of ensuring that citizens comply with numerous Government directives and measures that are aimed at containing the covid-19 pandemic. In doing so, the Police have committed numerous human rights violations that have include torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, unlawful arrests, use of lethal force and soliciting bribes amongst others. For instance on the first day of the curfew, the police subjected many citizens to brutality through beatings, and unlawfully arrests including motorists found in public places at 7.00pm.
In Nyeri, a 35 year old man, clinically diagnosed with schizophrenia was arrested and bundled into a police land cruiser for not having worn a mask despite pleas by locals in Majengo who were all
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