Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Regional and Multilateral Trading Systems Report

This was a regional workshop which attracted about 75 participants from the EAC, SADC, ECOWAS, and the EU. The participants were drawn from different sectors and institutions including the civil society, government, Members of the East African Legislative Assembly, media practitioners, academia, farmer movements, workers, development partners and the youth. The main aim of the conference was to provide a snapshot of the progress so far in the EAC- EU EPA, including the outstanding issues, positions of the EU, EAC, Kenya and the rest of the stakeholders including the CSOs, farmers, private sector and trade unions. The conference also provided an opportunity to the participants to get an analysis of the EU- ECOWAS EPA and EU-SADC EPA. This was important for purposes of experience sharing, learning and offering strategic interventions with an Africa perspective. Since some of these regions are already in the implementation stage of EPA, they provided invaluable lessons to the EAC by sharing their challenges and the lessons learnt so far in the implementation process.
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