Multi-Agency Report on Effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on Education - Mitigation Measures, Analysis and Recommendations on Reopening of Schools, Colleges & Universities

On April 24th, 2020 when UNESCO organised it's Sixth COVID-19 Education Response Webinar around effective strategies to anticipate and prepare for this critical transition, sharing lessons also from past crises. It was on the basis of the recommendations of the Sixth COVID-19 Education Response Webinar that Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) and Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) in collaboration with the Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists & Doctors Union (KMPDU), Forum for African Women Educationalists – Kenya (FAWE – Kenya) and Elimu Tuitakayo Network – [enriched by significant inputs from Parents of Children with Disabilities who felt non-represented with the exclusion of Kenya Institute of Special Education] - compiled this incisive and quite adaptable report to assist the Kenya Government to formulate appropriate measures that would lead to reopening of ECDE centres, schools, colleges and universities with the basic aim of restoring and normalising teaching, learning and training.
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