Machakos and Kitui county human rights monitoring: Reports of the impacts of Covid-19 to the vulnerable groups and general public

Quarantine and Isolation Measures and Systems. Although the county Government has set isolation wards, no cases have been admitted across all level 4 hospitals.  However there was an isolated incident whereby by a group of over 700 Youth from Nairobi held a meeting at Maanzoni Lodge and as a result, the Government quarantined them therein. The local government has also received an approval of testing of Covid virus at its Machakos level 5 hospital. Finally, the government has also set aside Kenyatta stadium and pitched a tent (Doom) as an isolation centre. There has been concerns regarding the non-utilization of these facilities, the huge sums of public funds being invested there and the set up not being ideal for patients due to coldness, mosquitoes and rains which soak the stadium grounds.
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