Kenya Women Parliamentary Association 12th parliament members induction training report

Induction programmes for new Members of parliament and legislative assemblies is paramount to the overall success and deepening of the democratic processes in emerging democracies. In Kenya, the induction programme is even more applicable owing to the high turnover of Members of Parliament in each subsequent parliamentary calendar. From the results published by the independent electoral and boundaries commission (IEBC), over 180 out of 340 MPs will not be returning to the National Assembly with around 50% and 80% turnover for women MPs in the single member constituencies and Women County Representative positions respectively.
The results point out to an enormous turnover of over 90% of Women Members of Parliament. This means that only 22 of the 97 women MPs in both the National assembly and Senate have less than five years of parliamentary experience. A retrospective look into the representation of women; the 11th parliament (2013 – 2017) had 68 women in the national assembly: 16 elected; 5 nominated as well as the 47 women elected to represent counties. In the Senate, all 18 women were nominated by their political parties. Further out of a total of 237 candidates for the gubernatorial positions, six (3%) were women and none of them got elected. Seventeen women out of a total of 244 candidates (7%) vied for the senatorial positions, and again, none of them were successful. For the members of parliament positions, out of a total of 2097, 129 (6%) were women, out of which 16 (12%) were elected.
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