Draft Freedom of Information Bill 2012

The KHRC seeks to introduce an equality storybook that tackles issues of tolerance of ethnic, gender, disability, age and economic status differences to primary school students. The book is conceptualised to bring equality and human rights discourse to schoolchildren and their teachers. A study of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice (KAP) of pupils in 12 schools targeted for the pilot use of the equality storybook was carried out prior to the introduction of the book; the survey focused on the 5 equality themes (ethnicity, gender, disability, age, economic status). The study used both quantitative and qualitative approaches and revealed that children a practitsing discrimination to please their parents from whom they learn the practice. There is not much difference between children living in urban areas that are large cosmopolitan compared to those who live in the largely homogenous rural areas. The study had revealed that there is an urgent need for cohesion to be integrated in the Kenyan education system in order to deconstruct the negative ethnicity and other forms discrimination from children and change the society beginning with the children.
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