Devolved Governance Through A Human Rights Lens

Devolved Governance Through A Human Rights Lens is a survey that aimed to gather county baseline data to establish: 1).What counties have done on the ten points? 2). How much information is readily available about what County Governments have done and are doing? 3). Existing gaps on the same to facilitate a better and more informed engagement with the counties. Findings show that despite County Governments involving the people in many “public” forums and utilizing several media to make information available, public participation, communication and access to information is still problematic. Policies, legislation and important mechanisms and frameworks are missing and leaders do not differentiate public participation from civic education, which they have assumed are the same thing. About eight in ten Kenyans find it difficult to participate in key county activities and to access information on county budgets, legislation, and project plans mainly because the information is not easily accessible to the wider population while the media commonly used is out of reach for the majority of people. Despite majority of counties lacking a policy on inclusion and integration in county development and governance, good progress has been made women, youth, and PWDs have been recruited; facilities and special programs for them provided; and, budgetary allocation set aside. Agriculture, infrastructure and health have been prioritized; County Land Management Boards (CLMBs) and revenue collection mechanisms established. Nevertheless, Corruption, financial mismanagement and poor governance persists in counties; introduced taxes either unfair or illegal, while many counties lack M&E mechanisms. ‘Nyumba Kumi initiatives’ and community policing committees are the common strategies for crime prevention while violent robberies, gender based violence and ethnic violence are the common security threats.
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