Democratic Paradox - A Report on Kenya's 2013 General Election

Tuesday March 4, 2014, marks exactly one year since Kenya’s first general elections under a new constitutional dispensation ushered in by the Constitution of Kenya (2010) (COK 2010).  These elections presented unique and unprecedented situations key among them being the first held under Kenya’s new constitutional dispensation.  Given this progressive constitution, the elections had the potential to be positively transformative of the country’s electoral systems and processes; and especially since they were held against a backdrop of the disputed presidential elections of 2007, hence it was imperative that public confidence in electoral processes be affirmed. However, the results of the results of the presidential election were disputed and settled by a Supreme Court ruling that proclaimed the elections to have been free and fair thereby giving the Jubilee Coalition the winning ticket. There have since been a number of disputed results which have ended up in fifteen by-elections at various levels to date. Throughout these processes, the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) has monitored the elections against the international standards of elections using the human rights-based approach to monitoring. It is against the unique challenges and lessons learnt from this process that the KHRC carried out the election monitoring process and has the launched this report titled “THE DEMOCRATIC PARADOX: A REPORT ON KENYA’S 2013 GENERAL ELECTIONS”. KHRC is an independent non-governmental organization committed to fostering  of a human rights and democratic culture based on the  goal of Enhanced Human Rights- Centered Governance at All Levels. KHRC has been engaged in monitoring electoral processes since 1997 and in July 2012, launched the monitoring of the election process in the run up to the March 4, 2013 general elections under our Electoral Governance Programme
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