Democratic gains and pitfalls: The role of courts in safeguarding civic space in Kenya

This Case Digest documents the select cases where the civil society in its broad sense applied Public Interest Litigation (PIL) as the strategy and tool of reversing massive backlash from the Kenyan State mainly between 2014 and 2018. First, court actions were instituted in protection of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) registered as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) where the National NGOs Coordination Board felt like has unfettered powers to make arbitrary and capricious decisions. While the two and four incidents of respective attacks on the Evans Kidero Foundation(EKF) and Kenya Human Rights Commission(KHRC) represents very systematic targeting, the cases of Muslim for Human Rights(MUHURI) and HAKI Africa presents the most punitive and callous attacks, ending with the deregistration of the organizations, freezing of their bank accounts and suspension of their insurances.
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