African Missionaries in Identity Limbo: The Shona of Kenya

After the right to life which only ceases to exist when people die, the KHRC opines that the second mostimportant right is the right to citizenship. This is because the link between an individual and the state ispivotal for the enjoyment of all other fundamental rights and freedoms. Where this link is absent as is thecase for stateless persons, then conversations about rights and responsibilities exist in a vacuum. Thisassertion, was cemented for the KHRC after our engagement with the Makonde community who were granted citizenship in 2016 and issued with identity cards in February 2017. The Makonde experiencetaught us firsthand, what it means to live in the shadows; to exist but be non-existent. After the successful recognition of the Makonde, we have seen other stateless groups and communitiescome forward claiming they are stateless and enlist the support of the KHRC to acquire citizenship. One such group is the Shona community.
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