A Status Human Rights Report and Manifesto

The brief and manifesto is inspired by our related work between October 2002 and March 2003 where we developed, publicized and pursued an agenda for Kenya which shaped the policies of the incoming and later the ruling, National Alliance Rainbow Coalition (NARC). Moreover, the KHRC initiated the “Peoples Manifesto and Score Card Initiative” that saw massive engagements with the political class with the key issues during and after the 2007 General Elections. It is also informed by the periodical reports, political and policy actions by the Commission around the issues at hand. Thus, this is just but a summary of our documentation and engagements with the issues. Details can be found in the institutional and sectoral reports and statements, all available in our website and resource centre. The document provides a status update of the issues, the key political questions and policy gaps for actions by the actors and finally, recommendations to inform the conversations around the issues.
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