The Road to Credible 2017 Elections

This Civil Society briefing paper seeks to draw attention to key areas of concern and make recommendations targeting all stakeholders at the national conference. The most critical pending issues include:
  • administrative and political obstacles to voter registration and related doubts regarding the reliability of the voters’ register,
  • delays in and irregularities with the procurement of critical electoral technology,
  • the lack of clear back-up mechanisms to address potential problems with the functionality of electronic results transmission,
  • the lack of clarity regarding how voters will be identified on election day, including the use of the biometric and/or the copy register,
  • disagreement on how to count votes in order to determine if total votes exceed the number of registered voters at a particular polling station,
  • controversial and unilateral last-minute changes to the legal framework on elections,
  • the continuing failure to implement constitutionally required measures on gender equity,
  • disproportionate responses by security forces to public protests and indications of involvement of political elites in fueling pre-election violence; and
  • the IEBC’s continued failure to effectively communicate updates and changes to the Kenyan public.
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