Labour rights legal framework in Kenya

KHRC has a long history of protection of workers’ rights as part of its work on economic and social justice. Over the years, KHRC has received countless claims of labour rights violations and has extensively documented these violations. Reported violations have included unfair terminations, long hours of work, sexual harassment and low wages. The position of the KHRC is that labour and work are an integral part of peoples’ lives and a critical pathway in the realization of human dignity. It is therefore imperative that governments protect labour rights from violation by third parties while businesses are obligated to respect these rights. The production of this training module therefore comes as part of KHRC’s commitment to establish a critical mass of empowered workers with strengthened ability to defend their rights. The module provides a detailed analysis of the legal framework upon which labour laws in Kenya are enshrined. It is a review of the Employment Act (2007), Labour Relations Act (2007), Labour Institutions Act (2007), Occupational Safety & Health Act (2007), Work Injury Benefits Act (2007) and the Employment and Labour Relations Court (2011). It is a useful read for all workers who desire to understand their labour rights and obligations, their employers’ rights and obligations and the available avenues for recourse in the event that these rights are trampled upon. Employers and human resource practitioners will find it equally valuable and an easy point of reference as it condenses all the five labour Acts of Parliament into one publication. The overall aim of producing this training module is to continuously build a critical mass of empowered workers who understand their entitlements and attendant obligations and are therefore able to defend and claim these rights within the workplace.
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