Citizenship Rights and Legal Identity #IdentificationofCitizensKE

Kenya has begun to reform the existing identification & registration of citizens systems and is building a new digital identification system. Plans to have a National Integrated Identification Management System (NIIMS) for digital registration & identification of all Kenyans are at an advanced stage. However, the method of implementation of the new system is riddled with gaps that threaten data security breaches as well as the potential of some Kenyans being left out of the new digital register. It similarly proposes installation of GPS in individual’s homes and possible collection of DNA, hence raising concerns around privacy. Thus these gaps have to redressed to facilitate a smooth migration to a digital system. As such, we conducted a publicity campaign around this new policy of identification and registration of citizens to provide the public with information around the proposed Central Master Population Database and its implications. We adopted a multi-organizational effort to have as much reach and authority as possible owing to the impact this new policy will exact on citizens.
Under the #IdentificationofCitizensKE the following issues will be addressed:
  1. What will be the function of the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS)?
  2. At what stage is the government in implementing the National Integrated Identity System (NIIMS)?
  3. What are the existing gaps towards successful implementation of the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS)?
  4. How can we solve the issues with the legal and administrative gaps in the implementation of the National Integrated Identity Management Systems? Some of the key questions addressed and resultant conversations are attached on the document below.
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