Bills Update 003

Welcome to Issue No. 003 of the Bills Update. We note that the implementation of the constitution is still a major challenge. The Parliament is supposed to pass five Bills of Constitution implementation in a rush to beat the 18 months time frame provides for in the sixth schedule of the Constitution of Kenya. Sources from the House claim that members of parliament have raised concern over the delay by the government to take the Bills to the house. This would automatically result to a repeat of what happened in august when parliament hurriedly passed 15 Bills in attempts to beat deadlines. The BILLS ON JUSTICE include: The Campaign Finance Bill, the Transition to Devolved Government Bill, The Constitution Amendment Bill, the Internally Displaced Persons Bill, the Public Service Commission Bill and the National Security Council Bill. The BILLS ON ECONOMIC SOCIAL & CULTURAL RIGHTS include the Mining Bill 2011, the wildlife Bill, the Legislation to check division of land in non-viable parcels, The Company Bill 2010 and the Pyrethrum (Amendment Bill). There were no BILLS ON EQUALITY AND ANTI-DISCRIMINATION. However the Births and Deaths Registration Bill and the Identification and registration of Kenyan Citizens Bill have made some progress. Welcome and read on.
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