The policy briefs seek to also prioritize reform measures that can assist the criminal justice system to attain focus on its core mandate – which should be tackling the more serious criminal offences of concern to citizens and that have the most deleterious effect on the nation.

Through this policy brief, KHRC has identified that the most urgent attention is drawn to violations that touch on basic guarantees of rights to citizens as per the Bill of Rights. These are the right to life, equality and freedom from discrimination and unequal treatment, the right to dignity of the person, freedom and security of the person, access to information, right of an arrested person, right to a fair hearing, rights of persons detained or held in custody. Given the length, breadth and complexity of the criminal justice system, it is important to consider reform measures that prioritize the rights and freedoms of the most vulnerable in society.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission is therefore focused on putting forward these range of legislative and policy proposals within the criminal justice system with these objectives in mind. The range of proposals seeks to decongest the criminal justice system, secure fundamental rights and freedoms of the most vulnerable and indigent and acknowledge rights of intersex persons who live among us and have suffered historical discrimination and push for attention to the most serious crime of highest concern.


10th December 2020.

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