The Mau Mau Memorial entails a monument structure and two statues of the Mau Mau and is to promote reconciliation and commemorate all those who suffered on all sides during the Emergency period. Click here for more images of the memorial.

The establishment of the memorial is a part of the settlement reached between the Mau Mau War Veterans Association (MMWVA) and the British Government announced in June 2013.The memorial constitutes a lasting expression of reconciliation.

In June 2013, the British Government made a historic statement of regret over the atrocities that that were perpetrated by the colonial government during Kenya’s Emergency period of 1952-1960. This was part of the out of court negotiations settlement wherein each of the 5,228 claimants identified as having suffered acts of torture was to be paid an ex-gratia payment of British Pounds 2,650 being Kshs. 340,000/-.  In addition, the settlement also included the construction of a memorial in Kenya in memory of Kenyan victims of the colonial era torture.

In 2003, the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC)was approached by the MMWVA to support victims of the colonial era torture which took place during Kenya’s Emergency period of 1952-1960. The Mau Mau War Veterans Association opted to bring individual test cases of torture against the British Government on June 23rd 2009 with five elderly Kenyans, namely Ndiku Mutua, Wambugu Nyingi, Jane Muthoni Mara, Paulo Nzili and Susan Ciong’ombe Ngondi being the lead claimants in NDIKU MUTUA AND FOUR OTHERS – V- COMMONWEALTH OFFICE HQ09X02666.

Out of the 5228 ex-gratia payments, only 87 cases of deceased clients are pending as their various next of kin are following up on succession matters.

To execute the last part of the settlement; the Mau Mau Memorial Steering Committee held a MauMau monument design competition. We got at least five entries from interested designers. The Steering Committee comprises the KHRC, MMWVA, the British High Commission, the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts (through the National Museum) and the Nairobi County Governor’s office.

Experts from the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity surveyors (BORAQS) offered technical expertise towards analysing the feasibility of all the entries in terms of cost and durability.

The winning bid has been submitted to the Nairobi County for approval before construction.

The Nairobi County have offered a construction site at the freedom corner and will further meet some costs towards construction of path ways leading to the monument.

The ground breaking ceremony will be held in June before the construction begins. The MauMau war Veterans will converge there to acknowledge the memorial.

The unveiling of the monument will be done in October during Mashujaa day