This decision follows a case filed by Bridge in March 2017 accusing KNUT and Mr Sossion of defamation. This case followed concerns raised by Mr Sossion regarding Bridge’s lack of compliance with education standards and the profit making nature of the company. Mr. Sossion’s criticisms are however well documented in a report published by KNUT. In March 2017, Bridge secured a gag order which restrained the KNUT Secretary General and KNUT officials from publicly mentioning or engaging in constructive criticism of Bridge.
Several other reports from various independent sources, including academic researchers and journalists have made similar findings, informing the call to investors to cease support to Bridge which was signed by 174 organisations in August 2017.
In the ruling, Justice Richard Mwongo, emphasised that education was a matter of public interest that deserves a public discussion: “Not only does the constitution guarantee every child the right to basic education, it is also a fact that education is of such importance that the public are often engaged in questioning the happenings in public and private education issues at all times”