Corruption has behaved like a cancer that has spread beyond economic sabotage, and ventured into the destruction of our democratic system. It has derailed our aspirations for national cohesion. The failure to demonstrate progress in the fight against corruption points to a political leadership that has not learnt anything from the 2007-08 Post-Election Violence. The Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation process led by Koffi Annan, and including most of today’s political leaders identified the lack of transparency, accountability and impunity as one of the root causes for the conflict. Kenya will inevitably return to violence if the disparities between the rich and the poor are allowed to subsist in the face of continued looting of public resources.

KHRC hereby calls on the President to display political responsibility by immediately purging his Executive of officers accused of corruption rather than shuffling them within government. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Director of Public Prosecutions must swiftly conclude all pending investigations and mount proper prosecutions in the courts of law. Kenyans can no longer be subjected to endless procrastination when dealing with the so-called ‘high-voltage files’. Kenyans, as owners of sovereign power must challenge their political leadership and demand that they comply with a higher standard of leadership and integrity. KHRC undertakes to confront errant leadership through legal channels and galvanize the public to demand accountability at all levels of government.

We appeal for a return to the enthusiasm and sense of purpose that saw Kenyans enforce citizen arrests against officers who would dare take bribes. Corruption is at the heart of what ails our country and if it is allowed to persist, it will consume us all.

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