The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has made some steps towards the investigation of Mr. Isaack Hassan, Mr. James Oswago, Mr. Davis Chirchir, Mr. Paul Wasanga and Mr. James Oyombra who were unequivocally mentioned during the UK court case for having received bribes in order to award Smith & Ouzman tenders to print election materials and national examination certificates.

KHRC’s Program Advisor on Electoral Governance Carol Werunga states that, “Public officers whose conduct does not bring honour, public confidence and integrity in the performance of their duties have no place in the management of public affairs. Public officers’ must adhere to set out value and principles that govern their various mandate”.

KHRC strongly believes in the criteria set out in the Constitution of Kenya that stipulates the expected conduct of public officer (Articles 10 & 232, and Chapter 6). Therefore it is alarming that the implicated officials namely: Mr. Isaack Hassan – Chairperson of IEBC, and Mr. Davis Chirchir - Cabinet Secretary of Energy and Petroleum, and former Commissioner in the defunct IIEC) - are still holding their positions as public officers. KHRC hereby demands that Mr. Isaack Hassan and Mr. Davis Chirchir step down to pave away for transparent and effective investigations.

As the world watches, EACC must expedite investigations and hearings and ensure that the process is transparent to ensure that Kenyans have leaders who protect the institutions of state from mega corruption.

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