Dear comrade,

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) presents its 2023-2024 annual report, fully aware that the injustices our founders sought to end persist today.

State impunity and human rights violations remain entrenched in our society.

Nevertheless, we celebrate our victories, however modest they seem to others. For us, they represent significant achievements that must be acknowledged.

We understand that the path to a free society is rugged and challenging. Our mission is to smooth this road, making it more navigable. Giving up is not an option—we remain firm in our commitment.


The Kenya Kwanza regime completed its first year in office in 2023, yet its leadership remains in perpetual campaign mode.

The electorate's expectations are unmet, and campaign promises have not been fulfilled.

Impunity and hostility toward human rights organizations have grown.

This regime continues to violate constitutional and human rights through its enforcement agencies.

Inclusive governance remains a distant goal, and public figures, including the president and deputy president, make divisive statements based on ethnic and regional voting patterns.

The high cost of living burdens citizens, with no relief measures in place.

Protests demanding affordable living costs are met with excessive police force, brutality, killings, and arbitrary arrests.

Meanwhile, multinational corporations continue to violate the rights of our people through sexual abuses, denial of land rights, and other transgressions.


These examples highlight the many battles we still face.

We need your support in this struggle.

Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. Join us now. As you read this report, may it inspire you to advocate for justice.

Every effort counts, no matter how small it may seem. Take action, and you will see the change you desire.

Aluta continua!

Read the 2023-2024 annual report here.